Not everyone’s weekend usually begins by having a kangaroo leg hurled at them, but I was driving too close behind Patrick and Jean’s Kombi and when he scooped up what was left of our national icon on the highway that’s exactly what I suddenly found myself dealing with. That and a meat shower roughly the size of a small suburban home. Chunks and fur raining down like a Sesame Street episode where today’s letter was ‘W’ for wood-chipper. I’m glad there were no children present in the car.

My apologies for the graphic introduction to what was a lovely weekend at a wedding expo but it needed telling.

We were taking both the split window Kombis to Albany in West Australia’s Great Southern region for the Bliss Bridal Expo. Albany has to be one of the most beautiful towns in Australia. Thankfully it’s far enough away from Perth that it doesn’t get the tourist weekenders like Margaret River. At four hours drive from the capital it’s probably two hours more than a parent’s head can withstand the “are we there yet” bombardment from the little ones. That’s why ‘Margs’ is usually the more popular choice, any further and parents brains are likely to explode. So Albany remains one of the untouched gems of Western Australia.

We arrived just after dark on Friday and unpacked quickly before heading off to the pre-event party  at the old historic Albany Hospital, now a stunningly renovated function centre. Beautiful women in gowns and 1940’s attire and handsome gents in tuxedos and suits filled the room. As usual I will ill-prepared and swanned about in my Big-W checkered flannel with jeans and runners. I felt like the belle of the ball, if the ball was for the homeless and held between old shipping containers on a wharf in Russia, at night, in the snow.

We met some pleasant fellow vendors and had the opportunity of parking the Kombis right at the front door for photos and selfies. The evening drew to a close and we all parted to get a decent nights sleep before the big day on Saturday.

Waking early the next morning I had no idea the view from where we’d arrived in the dark the night before. We were right on the water at Havana Villas in Emu Point (although there was a distinct lack of emus pointing at anything really, no arms, get it?). The morning mist sat off the water like a huge fluffy quilt and inched it’s way over Middleton Beach. The sun was warming the air nicely and out in the bay a giant container ship caught the light with the cliffs of the harbour as a backdrop. I can’t believe this place, it’s like a painting. It’s one of those areas you could picture yourself living quite happily.

Anyway enough of me prattling on, a picture says a thousand words so I’ve posted up some images from across the weekend. The team that put the Bliss Bridal Expo on did an amazing job and we were fortunate to be part of the event. I’ll add some links on our social media pages. If I miss out on anyone please let me know and I’ll add them asap :)




  1. Val White
    Val WhiteReply
    May 30, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Beautiful photos. Well done and shame about the flying kangaroo.
    I guess it was all worth it to stay in such a nice place.

  2. Lauren
    May 30, 2015 at 7:38 am

    What a fabulous read!!!
    It was lovely to meet you!
    I’ll be reading your blog again that’s for sure.

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