Bruce’s Barndoor Kombi

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After having this shoot for VW Magazine Australia postponed three times before we were really caught in a position where it had to be shot that day or not at all. Typically, the morning brought bucketing rain all day.

Thankfully by the time I drove from the Gold Coast to Mullumbimby there was sporadic breaks in the downpours. Bruce and I braved the rain and headed out to four locations for a variety of photos.

For you photo techies, this will interest you. The entire shoot was done on a Fujifilm X-Pro1 with just the 18mm f2 and 60mm f2.4 macro lenses, all in jpeg!

Stay tuned for VWMA’s February 2014 issue for the full story on this cool-as-rat Volkswagen Kombi …..

130413-barndoor-12 130413-barndoor-116 130413-barndoor-120 130413-barndoor-121 130413-barndoor-138 130413-barndoor-188 130413-barndoor-2331


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