New Flyer

Knocked up a new flyer today. We are having some printed in time for this weekend which includes the Vintage Fair in Dunsborough on Saturday

First Promo Shoot

Wow what a busy day on Monday when we had our first promo shoot for the Volkswagens. Wheatbelt based photographer

Merci Bouquets!

I know, I shouldn't try to be funny or French, but have a look at these little works of art that Angie Roe has put

New Boots

Liz Lemon seems to have more shoes than Imelda Marcos (or Paris Hilton for those of you younger than myself). This morning she is getting a

Ron Burgundy on the Small Screen

The Penguin Empire agency here in Perth used our own Ron Burgundy Kombi for the latest Lotto ad. It was a pretty intense affair with all-day