Ron Burgundy KombiBrian

Ron was built in 1959, the same year we lost Buddy Holly and saw the birth of Weird Al Yankovic (fair trade?) Unlike Weird Al though, Ron is distinguished and well mannered. He’s a Deluxe model Kombi which means he came from the Volkswagen factory with all the lovely chrome trims, radio and bell n whistles. You might also notice he has extra windows on the side which go right to the back. The standard Kombi is known as an 11-window, while Ron is a 13-window which makes him quite a bit rarer than the rest!

If you are looking for a vehicle which oozes class then Ron is your man. A little like James Bond he keeps his cool thanks to a custom air-conditioning system made in the USA especially for air-cooled Volkswagens. He cruises along smoothly and seats two rows of three passengers in the back (six in total) and if required one person can sit up front next to the driver. This number we have found perfect for transporting wedding parties where by hiring two of our Kombis you can send one to collect the guys and one to collect the girls.