New addition

Not long and we will be adding this cool-as-a-cucumber 1962 Beetle to our stable of hire cars. It’s painted lovely traditional colours and will be perfect for parents to arrive to the ceremony in.

Merry Christmas

Well the Christmas madness is finally over and now all we have to do is survive past New Year! It’s been a crazy rush for the Vintage VW team with Patrick getting final licensing sorted and buses being prepared for annual inspection with the Dept of Transport.

Guerrilla Gorilla Marketing

When you don’t have a big marketing budget you need to take every opportunity to get your brand in front of faces. Tonight Ron Burgundy is the car choice for heat 1 of Miss Motorvation. We are off to Perth Motorplex to chauffeur nine young ladies for their first event. Future brides might need us…

Photo shoot final pictures

Received parcels today from Angie and Mel. Beautifully wrapped even for a hillbilly such as myself :-) The girls went to so much trouble and it’s greatly appreciated!

Dunsborough Vintage Festival

Ron and Liz stretched their legs and travelled three hours south of Perth to a vintage fair held at Clancys Fish Pub. Despite the name this is NOT a venue for fish to come and get intoxicated. Attention fish: Don’t drink and swim!

New Flyer

Knocked up a new flyer today. We are having some printed in time for this weekend which includes the Vintage Fair in Dunsborough on Saturday and Custom Cars and Coffee on Sunday.

First Promo Shoot

Wow what a busy day on Monday when we had our first promo shoot for the Volkswagens. Wheatbelt based photographer Angie Roe pulled together a stellar job along with Makeup and Hair by Melissa Burnett-O’Driscoll. Our models for the day were Aaron Liebeck and Jessica Crow.

Merci Bouquets!

I know, I shouldn’t try to be funny or French, but have a look at these little works of art that Angie Roe has put together for our photoshoot. Ooh la la….Croissant!

New Boots

Liz Lemon seems to have more shoes than Imelda Marcos (or Paris Hilton for those of you younger than myself). This morning she is getting a fresh set of whitewalls painted on in time for her photoshoot on Monday.

Road Trip to see the Doc

We have some cool friends around the country and this weekend we went on a bit of a road trip to visit one of them. ‘Doc’ has a great yard for picking, if you can convince him to part with anything. He’s a grea character and loves his French and European vehicles, as well as…

Ron Burgundy on the Small Screen

The Penguin Empire agency here in Perth used our own Ron Burgundy Kombi for the latest Lotto ad. It was a pretty intense affair with all-day shoots but Ron held up under the pressure. He’s thinking of a national tour and perhaps a tell-all book release to compliment his sudden stardom!

Bruce’s Barndoor Kombi

After having this shoot for VW Magazine Australia postponed three times before we were really caught in a position where it had to be shot that day or not at all. Typically, the morning brought bucketing rain all day. Thankfully by the time I drove from the Gold Coast to Mullumbimby there was sporadic breaks…


Paying $2.20 per litre for fuel, in the middle of nowhere with no other options, feels a little like being raped in the wallet. I’m sure it has something to do with the delivery distances or something equally as preposterous. Anyway, we kicked off the final day by being drained of all our pocket money…


Another dawn early start in Ceduna and today is the best leg of the journey yet. Although we’re in the middle of nothing the road section crosses the changing landscape of the Nullarbor, the edge of the Great Australian Bight, and the SA/WA border crossing. Needless to say today was the biggest day for photos…


Au revoire Radelaide! We’re off for the first day in the desert. Bus packed and ready to roll we departed through the streets of Glenelg and northern Adelaide. The South Australian capital was still about the have the last laugh, a roadworks trench the depth of a moon crater snuck up on both of us…