Sitting Pretty

Categories:VW Life

Woohoo – it’s the wedding ‘off-season’ so we’re taking a couple of our babies to get extra goodies while we have the opportunity :)

Bertie the Beetle is getting fitted with some brand new bits and pieces to freshen him up. It doesn’t take long for bits to get a little tired and worn so he’s having a mini spruce up and will be back in a couple of weeks.

Liz Lemon is undergoing some cosmetic surgery. She lost a little paint on the back after a dust up with a high pressure cleaner so is getting a shiny new rear end (Kim Kardashian watch out!) She’s also getting some extra interior panels and a reworked stereo system so she will be ready to hit the Summer music festivals and make them jealous. Some new shoes and extra pretty bits round off the package and she’ll be roaring to go in a few weekends time.

In the meantime Winter duties are being covered by Juice and Ron Burgundy who are happily holding the fort.


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