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Vintage wedding car hire in Western Australia.

Our classic VW Kombis can transport your wedding party in style on your wedding day. We service the Perth metropolitan area from Two Rocks in the Northern Suburbs, to Mandurah in the South, and East to York/Northam for any Wheatbelt weddings.

We also supply vehicles for advertising, movies, commercials, and photoshoots. Please contact us for a quote.

You can book online using the link above, or if you have any special requests or general questions drop us a line and we will happily answer the for you.

Photo by: Angie Roe Wedding Photography

Photo by: Angie Roe Photography

Perth Weddings

Our hire days are filled with relaxed fun and laughs. Most couples planning their wedding day that like to think out-of-the-box appreciate the quirkiness and true vintage style of arriving at their nuptials in old Volkswagens. We turn plenty of heads when these cool Kombis arrive and they make the best photo props for your creative wedding photographer to use.

Currently we have two classic Volkswagen Kombis (or Combi as they are sometimes spelled) available to hire. They are split screen models and the original VW bus design. They have been rebuilt and upgraded to partly modern specifications by way of better steering, brakes, and we have even added air-conditioning!

All VW Kombis are supposed to have names. Ron Burgundy is a 1959 model and has a coffee colour top over a rich maroon/burgundy paint. He’s named after his movie idol (both obviously have superb class and style!)

Liz Lemon is a 1962 bus with a white top and cream/yellow base colour. She tries her hardest to be cool but underneath she really is just a dork!

Thank you for visiting our web page. Take a look around and see our photos and blog. These cars are driven almost daily and when they aren’t doing wedding bookings we use them for weekend surf trips, vw club shows, camping, and just cruising around. They certainly get lots of use and aren’t locked away gathering cobwebs.

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